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Who We Are

"For Over 30 Years Bent Ericksen & Associates
Has Been The Leading Authority In
Employment Compliance And
Human Resources"


We provide the comprehensive human resources and employment compliance materials and ongoing consultative support services that help thousands of practitioners navigate the tricky employment landscape.

We know that whether it is reviewing a possible termination, investigating
a claim of harassment or discrimination, handling pay or overtime correctly or properly dealing with the various types of leave, human resources and employment compliance can be a challenging task.

Our products and support can prevent problems that stem from
not being in compliance. We help you get into compliance and
stay in compliance. When properly installed and kept up-to-date, our products, combined with our ongoing technical support, provide the protection and documentation needed, when employment problems arise.

Our comprehensive "HR Director" package is not just a manual where you
"fill-in-the-blank" and put it on the shelf. The "HR Director" is a complete
web-based, online "state-of-the-art" human resource system backed
by our consulting services to support you every step of the way--think of it like an insurance policy designed to protect your biggest asset--your business!

Bent Ericksen & Associates 800/679-2760